A traveler to Europe on her own for many years, accomplished award winning artist and writer Sharon Rusch Shaver has been creating adventures for artists since 1996. She enjoys finding the most beautiful, historic, and authentic accommodations and coordinating delicious meals, convenient transfers, daily activities for the groups she takes to destinations around the world. She brings together like minded individuals to share in the excitement and wonder of exploration, creativity and camaraderie in places where artists can thrive.

The ancient stone structures, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people encountered make each journey an inspiration that you may want to capture on canvas with photographs or words. Artists and creative people joining her on these adventures will receive methods and techniques to enhance their own artwork from Sharon Rusch Shaver’s experience painting in diverse locations around the globe. At the end of each day there is a time where the artists are given the opportunity to gather and to share their work, methods, and subject matter from the day. Those who join her come home with inspired, creative works of art that become an intrinsic part of the experience they have had and will carry with them the rest of their lives.

“I am very excited to share my love for travel and art, and I look forward to meeting others who would like to join me on these journeys of creativity and exploration to unique destinations around the world.

Sharon Rusch Shaver


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